So Who’s Strawberry?

Strawberry, is the name of my teddy bear; she’s also the cute character, Korilakkuma, from Japan (the white bear in the featured image above). I probably named her after my favourite food in the world 😛 Anyways, she’s been with me since two months after my grandpa passed away, and has seen me in my ups and downs.

It might sound weird but it’s like there’s a mental connection between us, in which she knows what I think or how I feel. Whenever I have difficulties making a decision, I’d look at her and know what choice I should choose. Or this may just be a way to comfort my overwhelmed mind, but she’s endearing to me regardless, just like a pet or a close friend is to you.

This is why I named my blog “Strawberry & Me”, to record my adventures in life with her by my side. But of course this blog isn’t just about me and her. I don’t have a specific topic, so I’ll blog about almost everything, from day-to-day life to my favourite things, from random stupid ideas to stories and poems. Life is an adventure, and it wouldn’t be one without encounters! I’m looking forward to meeting different people here, who are creative, or philosophical, or struggling, just about everyone, because every single one of you makes my life more interesting and extraordinary 🙂 I’m interested in knowing your stories too, because they make you who you are and there’s no one like you.

Love, Christyberry

P.S. Please feel free to comment and tell me your stories!

6 thoughts on “So Who’s Strawberry?”

  1. No wonder you’re excited about the header image – it’s gorgeous! I don’t think it’s too big. I love the layout of your blog – very pretty with lots of colours and things to click on. Strawberry is very cute and your title and tagline are perfect.


    1. Thank you! I do try to have different widgets around to spice up my blog and to connect with more bloggers.
      Strawberry is part of my life now, and she does become my haven when I feel overwhelmed or distressed. After all, most people would feel better already when they see something cute and innocent 🙂


    1. I was wondering who JC was then I saw your URL lol I once read from somewhere that your blog should be personalized in a way that you’d like to be on it, like your home. And, I can’t remember the exact percentage, but the majority of the stimuli our brain receives and processes is from our sight. The visual and layout of a blog is probably the first thing that attracts us. So I personalize mine to showcase my personality and to have a lot of different things for readers to click on. Since you like blogging per se, prettifying or personalizing your blog may get you to spend more time on it. You know, so you won’t be 66 posts behind 😛


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