The Best Mistake

“Where do you want to go?” He asked.

“Someplace where we can see the stars. Mmm, a playground perhaps?”

“You certainly chose a strange place to celebrate your birthday,” he said, as we settled down on a platform. “Besides, aren’t you a bit too old for playgrounds?”

“It isn’t exactly a celebration. My birthday is just another day in another year. And a person is never too old for playgrounds, as long as you don’t lose the child in you,” I turned and looked into his eyes, brighter than the stars behind. “Thanks for keeping me company tonight.”

The night was getting chillier. Seeing him in a sweater only, I wondered if he felt cold. “Here, take my coat. They call me the polar bear of the family. I won’t feel cold.”

“But you’re just wearing a dress. You’ll catch a cold.” He pulled me closer, “we can share the coat.”

My left arm was touching his right under the cover of the coat. Never had I ever felt this warm.

As the night went by, tiredness crept up on me. Yet I didn’t want this night to end. I wanted to stay with him, even if it was just for a moment longer. I wanted this night, this moment to last forever. I wanted to be with him.

I jokingly pulled him down to lie beside me, so we could gaze at the stars.

“If I could have a star, I’d give it to you.”

“Why?” He turned to look at me.

“To keep you company. So you’ll never be alone, no matter what happens.” I finally turned to meet his gaze, “even when the sun has set, the moon is being clouded; even when it is your darkest night, the star will always be guarding you, be there for you. She’s not the brightest in the sky, but she will try her hardest to dispel the darkness surrounding you. You just need to look up, look at the night, look at the sky, and you’ll know, you’re not alone.” His eyes were a whirlpool that I couldn’t help but fall into. I sat up, turned around and gave him my bravest beam, but it was probably the shyest smile he had even seen.

He got up as well. Our gazes never broke, but the next thing I knew, our lips were sealed together. His breath was hot on my cheek. I pushed him slightly to break free.

“I-I can’t breathe…” The shock had left me breathless. Avoiding his eyes, “I’m sorry I don’t know how to breathe when… I’m not good at…kissing.”

“You’re blushing.” He snickered, “furiously. That’s okay, we can practise.”

“Wha-” He pulled me in, and his lips were against mine again. His arm around my waist, his right hand on my chin.

I knew I shouldn’t fall in love with him. Yet in this night, for this one time, I wanted to let it go. His slightly curly hair, his eyes, his voice, his sweaters, his faded blue jeans, the way he intently explains a complicated matter, the way he says my name, the way he waved back at me like an innocent kid when he said goodbye the first time; I fell in love with all these little things of yours.

People say, “you’re making a mistake.”
I say, “may it be the best one I’ve ever made.”

I still couldn’t quite breathe, but this time, I didn’t pull away.

5 thoughts on “The Best Mistake”

  1. My very first thought was, this is a beautiful blog! It speaks volumes of freshness and youth! It did not hit me of someone battling with depression.
    So…two things spring to mind. This is really going to help you , it is so positive , it’s new, its something you can share( blogesphere is a great place for sharing, so supportive), it’s a brilliant way forward!!💜💚💛❤️💙 so have a great time here. Now I should know, I am creating my fourth blog!!!
    Secondly…. Where you need to be, is out there,living your life for you, not for anyone else. Already you have something to blog about, your amazing Chinese yummy lunch out with friends. Life is for living, and as I said on my blog intro as you say too…it’s never too late, one day you will look back, you have a wonderful life ahead of you. All the best to you…..💐


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