Let’s Build the Place

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

Today, we’re going to build the place of your dream…

First of all, let’s start by choosing the main material: fresh water in a pond or lake, sand by the seashore, trees in a woods, grass on a prairie, cement in a city. You name it, we’ve got it 😉

Now that we’ve set the foundation, let’s add a building to the picture. As an artist/designer (another way of saying self-proclaimed architect), I’ll need to know what the purpose or major function of the building is. If it is for housing people, I would suggest a house, a mansion, an apartment, a castle, a ship or cruise on the sea, a tree house or cave if you like nature, or even a hotel for your occasional vacations. If it is for business, you can take a look at our catalog (a.k.a. the view of your city or street) and pick your ideal model.

Okay, so far we’ve got most of the blueprint done. Let’s add some life to it so it won’t be boring! Since it is the place of your dream, I’m assuming you will be in the picture. There are other characters you can choose to be implemented, such as your family, your friends, your colleagues or boss (this option isn’t very popular, I’ll admit). Magical characters are available as well (e.g. Professor Dumbledore, fairy godmother, evil witch, etc.), although not many people know about this option. If you like animals, we have a variety of choices for you, from typical ones such as dogs and cats, to extraordinary, even mythical creatures such as dragons and unicorns. Please consult an ecologist for more info on biological interactions to ensure the biodiversity and ecobalance are well maintained.

We’re all set for creating a story in this place of your dream. Don’t know where to start? Here, I’ll show you an example: the place in my dream…

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom that no one knew of: a kingdom under the sea. In this kingdom, lived beautiful creatures, known as mermaids and mermen. They sang, swam, played, talked to other sea animals, all day; they were living happily in the world of water. Until one day.

One day, one of the mermaids grew so curious about the world above water that, she swam and swam, her tail flexed and flexed, until droplets of water rolled down her face, until she felt the sunlight warming her skin. It was a whole new world for her. She was scared and excited at the same time; she saw creatures she had never seen before. Suddenly, one of those creatures landed on a rock not far from her. So she began to approach that rock, cautiously, confusedly, zealously. Surprisingly, the creature knew the language of the sea! Through talking to him, the mermaid learnt that the creature was known as a bird, and there was a big, dry, solid mass, far beyond this sight of blue, known as the land. On the land, lived many many different kinds of creatures. They didn’t move around by flexing their tails; rather, they had miraculous things on their body called legs!

“So they don’t swim with tails but with their legs?” Little Mermaid was puzzled. “The correct word would be they ‘walk’ with their legs,” Mr. Birdie explained. He also told Little Mermaid about a lot of things: there were soft corals on land called flowers, animals that were furry and had four legs, people wore colourful pieces of fabric called clothes.

“So clothes are like seaweed but they have different colours other than green and red,” Little Mermaid’s eyes were glistening with curiosity. “Mmm…They are similar but not quite the same thing. Human don’t eat their clothes. Fabrics are dry and they’re made of something else; fabrics are not living organisms,” Mr. Birdie found it hard to explain the human world to her.

As the day went by, Little Mermaid learnt more about things on land, listened to stories that Mr. Birdie had seen. The sun slowly crawled towards the horizon. “Oh no! I’m sorry, Mr. Birdie, but I have to go! It’s difficult to find my way home when it’s dark in the water. Can we talk again tomorrow? I want to hear more stories!” Mr. Birdie couldn’t resist Little Mermaid’s enthusiasm, and he agreed to meet her at the same place at the same time the next day. “Thank you so much Mr. Birdie. Have a safe flight home!”

Little Mermaid swam and swam, her tail flexed and flexed, and finally, she reached her friend’s place. “Merissa! Wake up, Merissa! You won’t believe what I discovered today!” Little Mermaid was very excited. “What are you doing here? It’s late!” Merissa couldn’t suppress her yawn. “I went to the surface today and met Mr. Birdie! He told me there was another world, where the people there didn’t have tails but legs! Can you believe that?” “You’re right,” Merissa looked her in the eye, “I don’t believe you.” “Why? I’m telling the truth! Mr. Birdie told me other things too, like the furry animals and flowers on land!” “You know what, I think you’re just tired. I didn’t know you had a history of sleepswimming. But that’s okay, you’ll grow out of it eventually. Now let me swim you home. Your mom must be very worried.” “Why wouldn’t you believe me? I saw Mr. Bird-” “Because no one can survive being out of water. If you did reach the surface, you’d be dead. So stop lying.” “I’m not lying…I’m telling the truth…”

That night, Little Mermaid felt something strange was growing in her heart. She didn’t want to smile, didn’t want to sing. It was like a huge boulder was weighing her heart down. This was the first time she, or anyone in the kingdom under the sea, ever felt the emotion of sadness. Before that, all that existed in the kingdom was happiness and blessings.

Before Little Mermaid fell asleep, she told herself, and her toy penguin that, she would tell everyone what she saw and heard today. She was sure that at least one of them would believe her.

To be continued…

Frankly, I don’t know how this response to the Daily Prompt turned into a storytelling time, but the words just kept flowing from my brain, through the nerves, to my fingertips. I thought of erasing it entirely but I felt like I hadn’t created something purely from scratch for a while. So I’m keeping this and see where my thoughts will take me next time ❤

As you can see, this post is getting pretty long so I have to split it up into more parts/episodes. It’s funny how sometimes I can’t think of anything to write, but sometimes the words just pour out of me uncontrollably 😛 Anyway, this post started with the idea of “building the place of your dream”, and I’d like to hear what construction materials, building model, and characters you’ve chosen! Tell me about your place and story in the comments! 😀

Wizards and witches, cast your spells!

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