Putting on my gloves
To go on our first date.
So I won’t get too many butterflies,
When our hands are intertwined by fate.

Decorate a stunning mask
To attend the masquerade.
He can’t see through my heart,
As we dance the night away.

Wearing my raincoat,
The cloud, the sky are grey.
We’ll run in the rain and puddles;
Our laughter awaits.

He likes mountains and woods,
But it is the beach I crave.
We’re building a sandcastle
With my shovel in his crate.

Getting the food he likes,
Tomorrow is the big day.
Nervous and exhilarated,
But I’m keeping my secret at bay.

He picks a picnic site
That is quiet and faraway.
As the poison sets in,
He is the one I slay.

I wake up with a smile,
Seeing the sunlight strays.
After cleaning up,
I know I will meet someone new today.

Written in response to Poetry 101 Rehab prompt: Habit.

Apparently the latest prompt is actually “Right”, but I didn’t realize it until after completing my poem. So I’m just going to go with it.

My poems usually are about romance or love, but I have been watching (too much) Criminal Minds recently so I decide to spice it up with a twist of serial murder. Guess I just like to be dramatic 😛 Do you like writing fiction? What was your first thought immediately after reading my poem? Did you like the twist at the end? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Routine”

  1. Oh dear, what a poem! That’s a compliment 😉 As an organisation freak, I love the structure – and I love it that the structure is not random, the poem actually fits the structure and develops the story accordingly. It’s a great mixture of the funny and the serious – an excellent effort! Thank you so much for sharing this piece for my modest rehab 🙂


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