A cold night in September, the party of dance.
I followed you in, loud music blast;
The crowd was rushing, strobe lights dazed me like a trance.
You were standing in front; on me, your shadow cast.

You went to get alcohol, but that wasn’t what I need.
Passion, loneliness, ecstasy, distance, filled the air;
I watched your eyes’ glisten, you moved to the beat.
It was your life that I couldn’t share.

You leant down, tried to whisper in my ears.
Your scent, the closeness, my beating heart.
Yet the crowd separated us, my worry appeared.
From behind, you caught my hand, you said, “I will never let us part.”

Lights went out, you kissed me on the lips;
You were too drunk, I was too sober.
Tomorrow, outside your window, when the sunlight frisks,
Is it me that you will remember.

Inspired by Welcome Week Concert, night of 11th September;
Written on 12th September 2014, 0108.

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