Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

March this year is the month of fairy tale and magic and royal ball and, well, Cinderella of course! But this post isn’t a movie review (although I would say Cinderella and “Kit” the “Apprentice” are less shallow in this rendition; rather than being attracted to just one another’s beautiful appearances, Disney’s Cinderella + Prince Charming 2.0 is charmed by…Do I really look like a girl with a spoiler for you? Gotcha haha XD ).

So what is this post about and how does it have anything to do with one of the oldest fairy tales in the world? Well, I’ll say this: It’s never too EARLY to start planning for your wedding. With a long list of wedding prep tasks—picking a wedding gown, booking a venue, selecting the flowers and decor arrangements, etc.—to be taken care of, you (or more like I) really should start thinking about it now (although I’ll admit that I don’t even have a boyfriend – yet).

Cinderella isn’t my favourite Disney Princess, but I do find her glass slippers rather enchanting. I would love to wear them on my big day! But as we all know, the mechanics of the glass slippers is still debatable in real life. Yet I didn’t let physics stop me from seeking out alternatives that work just fine without Fairy Godmother’s spells 😛

If you like some classy glassy designer snazzy, nine renowned luxury shoe designers have created their own interpretations of the Cinderella-inspired slippers (their inspirations in caption) 😉

You can read more about the sketches here or watch the video here. And while you’re at it, check out pictures from the Cinderella Exhibit at the Berlin Film Festival!

Cinderella (1950) trying on Glass SlipperWhile the physics or engineering community is figuring out how to make this ➡

or the glistening crystal Glass Slippers in Cinderella (2015) work, I’ll patiently and faithfully await my Prince to come along. Although I’m not a strong and independent woman yet, I’m not waiting for him to rescue me (“a damsel in distress” sounds pretty romantic though). I just want to protect my Prince and have him sharing my love and joy ❤ Till then,Even miracles take a little time.Love, Christyberry

P.S. Who’s your favourite Disney Princess? What do you think of the Cinderella heels I found? My fave designer slippers are Jimmy Choo and Weitzman! 🙄 Which is your favourite amongst the nine? Let’s end the month with a little magic ⭐ Luckily, you don’t need to be Fairy Godmother to Cast a Spell and tell me what you think! 

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