The Good, the Bad, and the Isolation

This is one of the weeks when it is neither particularly uplifting nor incredibly tragic, which allows my mind to slow down and admire how simplicity is a bliss sometimes. This week I’m thankful for…

The Good: The Making of Papernova.
Papernova is the protagonist of a video project I’m currently working on. I’m hoping to turn it into a monthly feature on my blog. Since it hasn’t been launched yet (tentative launch date is the second weekend of April), I can’t give away the details, but it is a story of a superheroine made of paper and her adventures. Everyone loves superheroes even though they don’t exist in real life, because we’ve seen too much injustice and despair and we want to hang on to the hope that someday, a superhero will save us all; because superheroes are strong, powerful, and capable of achieving the impossible; because they’re special; because we love each other and want only good luck to happen. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a superhero comes along and saves our day when we encounter misfortunes and feel dispirited? But we all know it isn’t going to happen. Yet we actually have the strength and power within ourselves to become the superhero we need. The central idea of Papernova is that if a piece of paper can do it, you can too; you just have to believe in yourself, and you’ll discover you are more than what you think. Papernova is the projection of me being a superheroine for myself, while I hope this project will serve as an encouragement to viewers 😉

The Bad: Sleeping too much.
Sleeping 12 hours a day has rendered me unable to use my time wisely. But optimistically, it is better than tossing and turning in bed for hours desperately trying to fall asleep, all the while resisting racing thoughts. I’m getting the rest I need and am able to focus (though efficient productivity is still to be achieved), and the nightmares are occurring less frequently. The bonus is that some dreams have inspired me and they’re likely to become the basis for future fictions!

The Isolation: A Tale of Robin Crusoe.
I was telling my friend how I felt like the modern female version of Robinson Crusoe (hence Robin) due to my lack of direct human contact beside of texts, emails, and Facebook messages. My hindrance to going out and enjoying my life has bewildered me for the longest time. Just how do people have the energy or motivation to go out at all? My friend said it didn’t just happen, and it took time to get out of one’s comfort zone; it was about the small steps which in turn became one’s long-term goal. “Can’t count on myself for long-term goals when I can’t even achieve any little things in life,” I replied. But then came the light-bulb moment in which I realized all the little things would contribute to the long-term goal, provided that I was constantly spending the effort to get better. So even though I wasn’t aware, I was already on the right path, slowly approaching success. There is probably still a long way ahead before a full recovery, and it can take years to defeat depression, but as long as I do not give up, I will not lose the battle. I’m grateful for the revelation and strength given by God, which coincide with the spirit of Easter: a new beginning and rebirth.

Love, Christyberryリラックマ_m (1)

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