The Good, the Bad, and the Emotion

Another week has passed us by and, as usual, both good and bad things have happened. This week I am thankful for…

The Good: I am better.
I’m grateful to see myself doing better, especially since March. I’m slightly more outgoing and willing to go out with friends to events and dinners. Besides my effort, all these improvements are owed to my friends’ persistence in persuading me to join them in all sorts of activities. It may seem trifling to anyone else, but it really means a lot to me.

The Bad: Being sick is one of the worst feelings in the world.
Aside from feeling emotional, I wasn’t doing so well physically either. But thankfully it was just a mild ailment. There are a lot of people suffering from life-threatening diseases everyday, and they are doing their best to battle for their health. It’s a gift that I have always been relatively healthy.

The Emotion: What Spring Concert has evoked.
If my brain were a browser, there would be at least 12 tabs running at all times. Spring Concert was one of the few things which were able to render most tabs dormant. Of the three remained active, one of them processed what was happening at the time, the other was like a conversation with myself, and the last one—the emotion tab—was what had the stories and visions in my mind clashing together, leaving me emotional throughout the week. In a way, it was bad for me because at one point, I was on the verge of crying due to emotional distress. On the bright side, it was proof that my mood had been alleviating and the wretchedness did not undo the progress I’ve made. It sustained the confidence needed to continue to make progress. The surprise is that apparently the more emotional I am, the more ideas I have for writing. Perhaps the reason I write is to tell a story while feeling my way through it, or to express a feeling when the story builds itself around the particular emotion. It is a wonder to me how a movie trailer can trigger such intense and conflicting feelings that are both hurtful and healing at once, while another lets me envision a bizarre—if not crazy—story with a character sets out to destroy everything all because of a simple wish, because she wants to be loved. I’m looking forward to the day these two pieces are completed and to share them with you.

Love, Christyberry

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