The Good, the Bad, and the Condemnation

Here’s a corny joke to start off this week’s gratitude journal entry: What did Baby-corn say to Mama-corn? “Where’s Popcorn?” XD

The Good: Ice-cream! Or just food in general 😀
I’m eating better than in January and February. Instead of having just oatmeal, I’d order food (and ice-cream) for a few days at a time; I even cooked some simple dishes! Food is one of the crucial aspects of getting better and maintaining mental health, according to Mental Health Foundation. What has changed in my diet is the increased consumption of protein, which, if you’re deprived of, will affect your judgment and thinking (and according to Dr. Spencer Reid, it is a common tool for psychological conditioning, a.k.a. brainwashing – spooky! 😈 ). A healthier diet also means taking better care of myself, which means making progress! Plus I get to have ice-cream even without leaving the house! ❤

To know more about types of food that improve mental health, check out this article published on Psychology Today.

The Bad: Roommate’s friend finished his exchange and returned to his home country.
Which means no more Best Spies in Resistance 😥 Anyway, I’m glad to have met him and spent some time having fun. It’s unlikely we will meet up that often in summer even with my roommate’s other friends, but that is some priceless student life memories right there! I’d like to thank him for that one most exciting and riskiest round of Resistance, and hope he liked Canada and has a wonderful summer at home! 😉

The Condemnation: Guilt.
Ever wonder what it’s like to live and experience the Inception universe? Not the zero-gravity action sequence, not the messing up with physics and building mazes in your dream, not the dream within a dream to steal someone else’s secret in their dream; but the no-waking-up-till-time’s-up, the drowning in guilt. Yes, my dreams have been like Mal showing up in Dom’s, except my Mal is my entire family, and there’s no waking up from a nightmare unless an external disturbance occurs. What is the source of my guilt, you ask. Well, let’s see: deciding to take the rest of the term off, remaining dysfunctional even though I’m supposed to be getting better, worrying everyone about my recency. These events signify how irresponsible I am. Furthermore, it worries me to ponder what my next step should be. But as dreadful as the uncertainty sounds, the pressing issue is eliminated. Hopefully, communication will allow my guilt to subside eventually. Right now I’m just grateful for knowing and understanding my responsibilities; what I need to do is to fulfill them.

Love, Christyberry

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