Menu Découverte | Discovery Menu

Menu Découverte, or Discovery Menu, is a special menu offering house specialties or seasonal dishes for guests to “discover” the culinary art within.

Adventures in life are like le dîner (“dinner” in French) consists of seven courses. We begin with l’apéritif, a light alcoholic drink served in the living room to stimulate the appetite, like a Link will lead you to something more interesting. Then we move on to le hors d’oeuvre (the starter), in the same manner as a Video entertains you, before the featured dish. After seating, le plat principal (the main course) is served. It is also the most important and largest course, just as Text is the major type of posts on my blog. The bouquet (developed or evolved aroma) and aftertaste of matching le vin (wine) accompany the course, while an inspirational Quote will linger on your mind. After, le fromage (the cheese plate) follows, presented with assorted fruit, rich in variety like a Gallery is. And then it’s my favourite, l’entremets (the dessert)! It’s such a fantastic way to end a meal, with you leaving with indulgent memories, in the same way as Photos capturing remarkable moments in life. Last but not least, le café (coffee) is served, as Aside accents the day with quick thoughts or anecdotes.

Now that you’ve read my Menu Découverte, let’s dive into a journey to discover the flavours of life!


L’Apéritif | The Apéritif

                          Le Hors d’Oeuvre | The Starter

                           Le Plat Principal | The Main Course

Le Vin | The Wine

     Le Fromage | The Cheese Plate

                                   L’Entremets | The Dessert

Le Café | The Coffee

Wizards and witches, cast your spells!

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