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Cageless Sky: Once Upon a Time


I saw darkness wherever I go.
My only companion, was the shadow that falls behind me.

There was no dream in my mind.
There was no hope that I could find.
There was no light in my eyes.
There was no love in my life.

Paralyzed by fear,
Suffocated by tears,
Drowned by despair,
Incinerated by self-hatred,
Shattered by pain.


I belonged to darkness.
My only choice, was imprisonment in the cage I built; I was my own slave.

Have dream or not, why should it matter.
Hold on to hope or fall apart, why should it matter.
Light or dark, why should it matter.
Be loved, or remain unloved, why should it matter.

Life, death. Why should I persist.


I was blind.
Until the day I saw her.

Written on 8th October 2014; first installment in the trilogy.