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Cageless Sky: Once Upon a Heart

I hear the wind rustling
As I try to protect her from afar.

Strong and brave,
Determined and independent,
Fearless and protective;
That’s how she seems.
Yet underneath the short sandy blonde threads,
Beyond the dark blue eyes of the calm night sky,
Loneliness, sorrow, pain,
Are what I see.

“Watch out!” I shout as I throw myself in front of her,
Hold her tight in my arms as we both fall onto the pavement.
Skin is burning at my forearms and elbows;
Blood slowly trickles from my wounds;
But I can’t stay.
I run and run and run
Till I’m sure she has lost sight of me;
Till I’m sure she can no longer find me.

I hide in a dark alley,
“Forgive me.”

Gauze wrapping around my arms;
Her words echo in my mind as I close my eyes.
“…Who are you?”
I’m just a raindrop who didn’t know what purpose I carry onto this world;
Until you struck my heart like a lightning.
With that flash of light,
I was reborn.
Reborn on this land, to protect you.

If only I could take away your burden,
The destined path which you didn’t choose;
If only I could walk through the thorny forest for you,
And return the future that you want, the dream that is deprived from you, into your hands.

Once upon your burdened heart.

I try to run away, but this time, it’s too late.
“Don’t leave.
Don’t run away like last time.”

Her voice is an arrow that shoots right through me.

“I know who you are.”

How naive of me,
To believe as long as I kept myself in the dark,
She would never find out.

Look up at the sky,
Is this the end already…

“You’re my guardian angel.
You have been watching over me,
Trying to protect me, haven’t you.”

“I’m too broken to be called an angel.
I’m sorry.”
There’s no turning back now;
I can only walk away, as far as I can;
Otherwise, my tears will fall.

Her sudden grip on my wrist.
The first drop of crystal along the silhouette of my face.

“Then, I don’t need an angel.”

Her arms on my waist;
Her chin resting on my shoulder.
Her warmth is flowing into me from behind;
Her hug is so tight, I can feel her heart pounding against mine.

As the wind gently brushes our cheeks in this golden sunset,
Our strands of hair are entwined.
Just like our lives.

“I just need you.”

Written on 13th October 2014; second installment in the trilogy.

Prequel: Once Upon a Time