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The Liebster Award

Thank you for nominating me, shoeonthemoon! As a newbie to blogging on WordPress, it’s my first time hearing of this award, which is a fun encounter!

So what is the Liebster Award? The following is the description/rules found on her blog:

  • Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you
  • Answer the questions they asked
  • Nominate 10 bloggers with under 200 followers
  • Inform the bloggers you have nominated them
  • Post 10 questions for them to answer

Sounds like an amazing way to connect with fellow bloggers and get to know them! Ready to get to know me? 😛

  • What is your current dream car?

Transformers Bumblebee BeetleThis is my current dream car. “An old Beetle?” Ohh nonono. This isn’t just ANY Beetle. Its true form is…