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Imaginary Friend

The first day we met, you’re the centre of attention;
I’m behind everyone else, invisible.
You’re smart, earnest, flawless, with all the patience;
Who am I? Just a lost girl, alone in the jungle.

How do I look straight into your eyes?
When you try to explain something to me,
They are the widest night sky;
With stars, they glow, reflected by the deepest sea.

That day you kissed me, unexpectedly.
It felt so warm, I couldn’t breathe
With your touch, your scent; but I ran away hastily.
Because I couldn’t believe.

After an eternity, you were holding my hands,
Telling me you’re not letting me go after all we’ve shared.
My tears were shed; you said you just need one chance,
To prove that I don’t have to be scared.

Now that we’re finally together,
You’re real, your heart no longer scends;
Except that, in “happily ever after”,
I am the imaginary friend.

Written on 15th November 2013.
Can you believe one year and a half have passed already?

A Dream

On a wintry January night, I had a dream
Of you and me, of us asleep.
Your hand’s on my waist, I hear you breathe;
Holding my teddy bear, I feel your heartbeat.
Our hearts are connected, not skipping a beat.
I want to open my eyes, and watch you sleep;
But if I do so, this scene may flee;
Then I’ll wake up, from this dream that makes my heart bleed.

Written on 1st February 2014.

A small lamp left on, casting a warm, intimate glow.

Numbers (or, Denary)

If I could draw, I’d paint a hundred portraits of you;
If I have a camera, I’d take a thousand pictures of us;
If I can reach them, I’d spell out your name with a million little stars;
If you love me, I’d love you ten lifetimes;

But there’s only one reality,
And in this reality, your one and only isn’t me.

Written on 2nd February 2014.