Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

March this year is the month of fairy tale and magic and royal ball and, well, Cinderella of course! But this post isn’t a movie review (although I would say Cinderella and “Kit” the “Apprentice” are less shallow in this rendition; rather than being attracted to just one another’s beautiful appearances, Disney’s Cinderella + Prince Charming 2.0 is charmed by

Wat a Weekend!

It’s another weekend and we were playing Resistance again! We had seven people and three of us, including me, were spies. Two spies revealed themselves when they thought the game had ended but roommate pulled out a veto card and the vote was made null. This was when I, the Poker Face, came and saved the day!

You have no idea how many thoughts were racing under my calm, expressionless appearance. How should I explain voting yes for the two spies to go on the mission? Who should be my scapegoat? How should I convince them of my (fake) innocence, or at least minimize their doubts against me? Fortunately, my counterparts employed reverse-reverse-reverse psychology to antagonize two suspicious resistance members and protected my disguise. And this was when my experience of watching Criminal Minds came in handy 😛 But I will not expose my secrets here XD In the end, the spies won with the riskiest recovery to date.

On Saturday night, we went to Wat a Night—a night market event—hosted by our school. As a night of Asian Culture Exploration, it had over 20 booths selling traditional food such as Filipino skewers, Indian butter chicken, Taiwanese bubble tea and meat balls, Vietnamese dessert and sandwich (bánh mì), Chinese hot pot, Cantonese dim sum, mango sticky rice, and many more!

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Almost everything was sold out before 9pm! I wish our school will host more big events like this one in the future 😉 We went grocery shopping on the way home (or more like I did the shopping and they helped carrying the bags home 😛 ). Now I actually have food for a proper meal rather than having oatmeal day and night (although apparently oatmeal helps you sleep better).

Even though it was pretty chilly outside, I’m glad I actually went out because it felt like I actually accomplished something over the weekend instead of staying in my room all day. Frankly, I have trouble understanding why I’m scared of going out alone. Thankfully, I’m living with roommates whom are very compassionate and are willing to keep me company. So although the living environment can be awful at times (especially in winter), there’s always this little ball of warmth—like cuddling up in front of a fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa—in my heart ❤

Love, Christyberry

P.S. Night markets predominantly exist in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, etc., and especially Taiwan. Have you been to one before? What do you think of the atmosphere? What food did you try or do you like from there? Let me know in the comments!